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  1. Yeah, that is an option but if user has lot of modifications, that might end up being really long and it is my understanding that it does not take file i.e, all the settings have to be listed on the command line. The approach that I am thinking right now is to create a clone fdmprinter.def.json and update all the default values of children of all categories with user defined values in the clone and pass it after -j in the command line.
  2. Okay. That does make sense. For couple of months I have been trying to use a modified settings by user from UI (not Cura UI) and trying to pass it as json file to override the default settings in fdmprinter.def.json and pulling my hair out as to why some settings were modified and why some were not. It seems like the connection was specifically made for Cura front end. So, if I am to use something else other than Cura front end and pass those settings to CuraEngine, I might have to find other way to pass the user modified setting to CuraEngine. Thanks for clearing up my confusi
  3. I am wanting to understand the process of how the user modified settings are passed on from Cura UI to the CuraEngine. My understanding so far is that the calculated child settings for different category (only includes the user modified settings), get stored in json file, which is passed on to CuraEngine after -j via command line('/usr/src/cura/CuraEngine','slice','-v','-j', json_file....). Is my understanding correct?
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