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  1. It's no link spam - it's labeled Third Party and is valid as to an issue with Cura-related Third-Party plugins. As to Excel giving an Import Wizard for filtering formats is during a Copy Paste - see the following screenshots [gr5 - removed unrelated link]
  2. He's trying to tell me in a git Issue I filed: "That's normal . Csv should be export with semicolon as separate. Comma is used in some countries as decimal separator. So use it at parameter separator is not a good idea." Uh... here's what I wrote back: No, in a REAL CSV it is NOT NORMAL to use a semicolon as a separator I've been using CSV files for databases since 1988. You stating: "That's normal . Csv should be export with semicolon as separate. Comma is used in some countries as decimal separator. So use it at parameter separator is not
  3. In the attached example G Code, note that Cura will not display it correctly. In the Repetier screenshot, it does process the G3 arcs correctly. In the video below you'll see the backplot of the attached G Code in Basic CNC Viewer. The white squares are end points. Note you'll have to watch it on youtube to get any kind of decent video resolution... lensecvr 3Dmake PETG PETG-P6noz-p3ht noz 0.6 lw 0.55mm lh 0.3mm if 10% ext1 240.0C bed 75.0C.gcode
  4. Why is it that a print goes great, then whenever you aren't observing it (whether via camera or standing at the printer) it can turn into a pile of stringy BS? Kinda like the 2-slit experiment :
  5. It should show up in the Special Modes section
  6. Greg - thanks for the update. Finding a Gcode backplot that handled Marlin was a real pain. I've designed parts and run CNC machines for over 20 years and none of the half dozen ones I use would play nice with Cura output. On a side note - I was doing 3D printing back in 1996 - for one of the first wireless IoT patents I got - see this http://www.ajawamnet.com/amnet/index.html This was done on SLA by Brookfield Rapid Prototyping (I think they were in New England) Note how smooth the one yellow enclosure is. As Doug ( the guy in the photo ) mentioned he still has those 3D
  7. So as I mentioned I got CAD KAS to backplot the two different G code outputs - with and without Arc Welder. Pretty cool as to how that works - see the youboob vid. Note that you need to set the I,J,K parameters to modal. But notice in the vid how much faster the Arc Welder plot simulates on the exact same STL sliced with Arc Welder enabled (I'm using the plugin in Cura 4.8) https://youtu.be/-4M262FHMYI
  8. I've tried a bunch of backplotters - the only one I could find that sort of acts like a Gcode backplot is the CAD-KAS one. I'll give yours a shot - thanks for the link....
  9. So I found a backplot program that doesn't cack on Marlin G code (typical CNC backplotters crash or hang) In the vid you'll see the difference that the Arc Welder plugin makes in the G code output. Note that the Arc welded code is I,J,K modal for arc centers. https://youtu.be/-4M262FHMYI
  10. Thank you!!! That works. I figured it out last night by going on to a machine with internet access and had File Locater Pro scan for changes. Found the curapackage in the \AppData\\Local\\cura\\4.8\\cache\\ directory after adding it to the install, but before restarting. I copied that to the off line machine and it worked. I noticed that the curapackage files are zip format. Now if I could only find a real backplot program to step thru lines of G Code like we have in the CNC world... no luck so far.
  11. Looking for a 3D printer backplot program, similar to the ones used in the CNC industry. These are NOT just simulators, but displays the actual G Code text and allows you to step through it line-by-line - displaying the simulation as you step through it. This way, you can see each line of gcode and what it is doing. See video example here: This is how NC Plot works - http://ncplot.com/ncplotv2/ncplotv2.htm another vid here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRZH4rLkmKg Note how as the user steps through the code in the left pan
  12. Is there a way to install the plugin manually? We have machines not connected to the internet. We've downloaded the plugin from github (https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-ArcWelderPlugin) and it fails to show up as installed or under Special Modes. All of our other plugins we manually installed work/show up. We are installing to C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.8.0\plugins by copying the extracted zip file contents (like we have other plugins)
  13. I'm having the same issue... so glad I didn't blow out my previous installs. I got jobs to get out... See my topic "Why is Cura a Pain to Upgrade?"
  14. What's up with that? As soon as I hit submit it says it's solved....
  15. So is there a way to get a 4.5 profile to transfer materials, profiles, machine def's to 4.8?
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