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  1. Hi Elfonerio, I contacted my supplier and they provided me with the material station disassembly guide, which I attached here. I am going to try using BVOH support material instead, hoping that it will be less likely to break compared to PVA. This thread was also helpful (see last picture posted on thread). Repair-Manual-Material-Station_Prefeeder.pdf
  2. Canada. Are there assembly/disassembly instructions or guides available?
  3. Hello, I am currently getting Error 54 and 52 on my Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle. I believe PVA filament has broken up in to many pieces inside the material station manifold and at the entrance of the decoupler. My attempts to push through the material with a separate piece of PLA (as per the troubleshooting instructions) have failed. No matter how hard I try to push the PVA through with a line of PLA, the broken pieces inside the material station and in the decoupler cannot be moved. They are really stuck in there good. With the instructions for error 54/52 not working, and the printer guide specifically saying not to try disassembling the material station or the decoupler, I am out of ideas. Could anyone point me in the right direction as to how to proceed from here? Thank you.
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