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  1. Thanks IRobertI I think that will be my only option, only issue is I believe that the nozzle temperature begins to drop as soon as you pause the print. Will have to be a pretty speedy change over! fingers crossed that this feature can be added via a firmware update in the future. Seems crazy that this feature wasn’t dropped on this model.
  2. Hi all just upgraded one of our ultimakers to a connect 2 +. Had quite a few teething issues with it since install 2 weeks ago but my latest issue is quite problematic. I’m unable to change material mid print as I was on my previous printer. I’ve contacted my reseller who has confirmed this is not an option on this model which seems a crazy decision. Some of my prints run over a couple of days and it’s difficult to judge how much material is left on the roll. not to mention the material wastage from discarding partial rolls. Anybody have an insight on w
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