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  1. I got this working, I am actually not sure what did it but now the start and end gcode appear to be what I want them to be. I uninstalled again and then started messing with the .json definition files. Adding some dummy lines to see if they show up both in the config and in the posted gcode. I am not exactly sure what did it but now the correct start and end codes are loading. I guess I could call this closed but I have no clue what I actually did to fix it. Not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth tho..
  2. Hi All, New user and first time poster here. I just purchased a Tenlog TLD3Pro IDEX printer. They are a chinese company I know...But the printer is actually nice for the money. So the problem statement is that no matter what printer profile I use the slicer outputs the same start and end Gcode which my printer cannot use. The test prints are working great(these came on a SD card from the mfg and have the correct start and end gcode) and now I am attempting to slice files of my own in the CURA 4.8 engine that they provided an installer for, it has all the
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