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  1. That worked, cool thanks! 🙂 Also, I feel like the plugin devellopment sphere is a bit closed. What about creating a Discord server for Ultimaker Cura with support channel as well as devellopers channels, just like Octoprint does ? That would definitely make the community grow. Also, it was not fdmprinter.dev.json but fdmprinter.def.json.
  2. Indeed, but even enabled I can't change it. How should I change it ?
  3. Hi! I just started to develop plugins for Cura as I would need a shrinkage ratio that scales up the model. I would like to add a setting that would be called XY shrinkage percentage that shoud be between 0 and 3% and I would add the multiplication of this percentage by the resizing of the model so that it would scale silently in X and Y and the user would still be able to resize his model using the tools on the left. Sadly, I am still a beginner in the development world but I have been able to create the plugin so that it would be displayed in Cura. Now, I am in trouble f
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