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  1. Alright, problem solved! I ended up just deleting both printers on Cura and starting over. Honestly, I think the simple problem was (user error) and the fact that I was trying to add the second printer onto Cura when the first printer and Pi was powered up and running, maybe causing some conflict. This time I added ip and api with only one printer and pi on at a time. And it recognized it! I appreciate you for even just giving your input. Help me do the process of elimination. Thank you!!
  2. Good to know. Still trying to work this out. I do believe it is within Cura but not certain. I do have two tabs opened on my browser one for each printer in Octoprint. In cura I can send a print out from either printer profile but no matter what, both prints will show up in the original printer I created on Cura. Each printer in Octoprint has a separate API key. But Cura seems to only accept one as valid. I can drag and drop a print from Cura into each printer in Octoprint. So I know at least that I can print on both printers between both programs. I will play a little more rough with Cura and
  3. Hello fellow makers, New to the 3d printing forums, so I apologize if I have posted this incorrectly. I own two 3d printers and have both of them hooked to a Raspberry Pi 4 (each printer has a RPI). I have been using Cura to send prints to one printer on Octoprint on my wifi network. I do have the two printer profiles in Cura that I've been using before I setup either printer on a RPI . Only recently I hooked this second printer up to a RPI and I'm having trouble getting Cura to recognize two different API keys. In my printer profiles I have changed the api and ip address to match the two
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