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  1. Thanks @GregValiant, that's helpful. Do you happen to know if those positive/negative directions are sensitive to 'machine_endstop_positive_direction_x' and 'machine_endstop_positive_direction_y' settings?
  2. Hello, I recently purchased a Matterhackers Pulse XE. It's an upgrade from my previous Monoprice. It was nice that there was a Monoprice definition included in Cura, but there isn't for the Pulse XE. So I wrote one. It's probably still overly complicated and I'm still working out the kinks. I still have to do some more testing. But I'll happily share once its tested. You can get the Pulse XE with an E3D lite extruder or an E3D V6 extruder. I wrote (started to write) definitions for both. The problem is that the definitions are essentially the same, I
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