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  1. thanks everyone for your help, I solved it, it was a firewall problem, with some models it was blocking something, I removed and reinstalled zonealarm and now it works fine, can I ask for another help to print the FLEX? thank you
  2. thanks I try again but I can't find the executable file, can you help me? thank you I use windows7 pro 64 bit
  3. thanks, I have complex printouts with functions that this version has not integrated 😞 this version you sent me, however, is not for windows, how do i run it? thank you
  4. 157 / 5000 Risultati della traduzione on the two PCs I have windows 7 pro and the latest version of cure just installed, I have already removed and reinstalled everything but on this pc some models do not slicing.... 😞
  5. does not do the slicing 😞 remains blocked, on another pc with the same care and settings instead it works, but why does some slicing on this pc not perform them?
  6. hello sorry, I'm sending you another file, of a model with I can't print, thank you very much AU30_TabletStandV4a.3mf
  7. Okay thanks, on the same version but mac pc does the slicing and also with RepetierHost. with my PC Windows7 64 bit it does not run ... Thanks for your help test.3mf
  8. thanks, i set 1mm but the slicin still doesn't work, the model is 591kb, what can i do? with other models it works but with some it doesn't, why? thank you very much
  9. Hello everyone, I have a problem with slicing. I load an STL file then click on SLICING and it stops, the progress bar doesn't reach the end and I can't create the gcode, can you help me? thank you very much
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