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  1. The printer is a Tevo Tornado which was converted to Skr v1.4 turbo running Marlin 2.0 I choose the default Tevo Tornado profile from the other printers list in Cura as the printer profile.
  2. Hi, I have recently run into an issue with my printer when I try to use cura gcode. One printer runs marlin 2.0 and refuses to take any gcode which is cura based. The printer takes longer to start printing and when it begins printing, the print head will just move very slowly and extrude filament in the exact same manner every time. This also happens to another printer when I run cura gcode right after gcode generated by a different slicer. But the other printer just moves the print head to the corner and extrudes forever until you turn it off (resetting the printer and running
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