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  1. I have tried turning the part diffferent directions....the only way they look round in cura is when I lay it flat....so the holes are vertical.....which I cant always do
  2. These were printed with support everywhere
  3. Also 4.8 would not recognize the definition file from 4.3
  4. Height is pretty much perfect.....499/.500 ...... supposed to be 500 width of holes is on the small side .245, and the height of the holes is short .238 supposed to be .250
  5. I will try it again.....I have a 5 hours print going right now.....will check after that...or when I get to work on the other printer. We havent had this problem until lately.......It also shows in the preview that it will be slotted....is it possible to add my printer to the newer version of cura.....I have 4.3 that came with the printer from Monoprice?
  6. I have tried the suggestions that everyone has mention....I am still getting the problem with my horizontal holes. Any other suggestions......I got a new laptop since the last post, have reloaded everything, but the problem is still there. The rest of the print looks really good....... I tried putting a plus value for the horizontal expansion and it does help but then it makes the whole part bigger which I can't live with in most cases. Thanks in advance.
  7. ok thanks...will do somemore testing
  8. it was on middle i reloaded 4.3 so it has my printer and trying the different things
  9. cura 4.8 doesnt have my printer....Monoprice maker ultimate 2
  10. I have tried different horizonal expansion settings......the one in the first pictures was set to negative..... But the project file I sent was at 0. I am downloading 4.8now. My nozzle is .4, so is line width... Will try the new software version and get back....Thanks for the help
  11. This is a part I was testing things on....but all my prints are doing this. Even the top pf the triangle is flattened Test block.3mf
  12. Our Horizontal holes are now being sliced and printed as slots. Looks fine in the prepare screen but in the preview the holes are slotted.....and it prints that way. This just started in the last couple weeks. We use autodesk inventor to create our parts and export to STL. Please see example below. Thanks
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