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  1. Just stripped bed off and cleaned glue off plate and bed! We will give it a try! Thanks
  2. I know this is an old issue, and probably solved, but I have been working with the Anycubic Chiron and CURA for about 7 months. My problem is the Chiron! The Chiron has a leveling issue: Manually leveling all edges of the table to about .003 then checking the center of the table shows the nozzle about .008 higher off the table. I have had no luck with the auto leveling software provided, so I have been working with parts around the outside of the table to avoid the issue! I am now looking at a printer that can auto level. Does anyone know a solution to this issue? All tables that you put on the Chiron have the same issue (excessive warping)! Is there a replacement GCode for auto leveling that works? Thanks R
  3. Definitely, Windows 10 is shutting down Cura? It happened again where print had stopped and Ultimaker Cura was not open on PC? Something Is going on where Windows 10 is closing Cura?
  4. Been using Cura 4.71 with Anycubic Chiron for some time with success! Took some time to get the best setup. Now I am experiencing Cura shutdowns on long print jobs. I had my first 21 Hr print job and found the printer stopped half way through the build? Thought this may be a problem with something re did .stl file then tried again and the same issue: Looks like Ultimaker had closed on my PC, at least when I turned off the printer and observed the PC I did not see the Cura file open? I have com port settings so port will not shut down -- sleep. PC is also set properly so power settings do not stop PC. All long print jobs end in this manner? The printer had no error codes and appears fine. One thing, did some changes in settings to improve print and noticed with higher quality the jobs run much longer--normal. I am not sure what gives here
  5. I will get on it, but may take a couple of days. Thanks for you help!
  6. All of my previous stl export files with pockets that have already been printed by Cura no longer show any pockets.
  7. Nothing is checked under mesh fixes Thanks
  8. Not sure where to find this?
  9. I should add to the above post, The model created in FreeCad shows the pocket. When exported to Cura, the square box shows with no pocket. This has been working fine. To test I can draw a simple box, extrude the box a few mm, then draw a smaller square on the larger box and pocket that square. Simple! I export it to Cura and the pocket does not show. Just shows the 4mm box?
  10. Just startd happening, Cura will no longer slice a pocket. The STL Files exported from FreeCad to Cura have been working fine so perhaps a setting was changed? Thanks
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