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  1. @gr5 You sir rock :3. Indeed, the second layer was quite prettier when i gave it a try, so i guess not really any fix is necessary there. But the information about flow gives some helpful insight. I am manually leveling, so i guess it is all up to the precision of the hands, but I want to believe i did end up getting some decent prints. I was a bit busy this week afterall, but here! They are not "perfect", but it is what it is! I will be waiting for some extra parts and try to complete this piece. I'll drop an update probably when and if i'm done 🙂 Thanks again m8!
  2. I am printing directly on to the Ender 3 glass bed. I made the 0.28 layer height adjustment so I would print the base with only one layer (because it has a big surface and would take longer to print 2 or 3 of the same area). Out of curiosity, how would I make that prettier? It make sense that over extruding that will create the best adhesion though 😅 I'll be able to do some test prints today to see if I can make it better
  3. Danke! Awesome. I was able to get the walls printed nicely yesterday (the lid) ❤️, But it wasn't a perfectly perfect print (somewhat failed a bit on the body). It seems I'm either missing something or maybe I have something not so well calibrated. I'll have to recall from my memory now because I'm out of home. When printing the base (probably the same issue would happen on the lid), in order to save some time, I set the First Layer Height to be 0.28mm instead of 0.12mm. This leads to some overextrusion (only in the first layer), making the base look bad, similar to the picture attached.
  4. @gr5 The minion has replied! ❤️ Okay, I'll give it a try with a smaller line width. I think i can do the base of the lid with 0.4mm line width, while the "wall" side (above the 0.24mm) with 0.3mm. I'll give that a few tries when I get the chance later today. Is the "alpha" version of cura available for anyone to use currently? I'll have to take a look of @burtoogle 's build to see what's so awesomely different about that. OH WAIT. that guys is the custom cura sunshine builder! Hey! One post and i get to meet both of you. 🥳 I'll keep you updated as soon as I give anything a try.
  5. Good morning/evening ladies and gents! I hope you all have had a wonderful day. Let me get straight to business ^_^. --- Printer: Ender 3 V2 Stock --- Cura Ver: 4.8.0 --- Awesomeness and Wholesomness being printed: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3372353 (LID) --- Instead of 0.1mm ( recommended settings | Thingiverse ), I'm printing: 0.12 Super Quality, Default --- Object placed Z: -0.24m, I only care to test the small triangle detail / outside perimeter. Bottom layer prints awesome. I'm having some issue with some very thin lines being printed too close one to an oth
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