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  1. I'm just writing here to people who confused like me. What I understand is part has different coordinate system than build plate. Its not about the origin at center or not. Also part Y axis and bed y axis are opposite. Part coordinate system has relative coordinates not absolute. When origin at center selected also same. That's why i confused. I created an issue here. If anyone who wants to know. https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/9363 @gr5 @GregValiant btw Thank you guys!
  2. Thank you for your answer. I believe there is no mistake in my printer settings. My printer center is 0,0 When origin at center checked, expected behavior is when you move the object y-20 on gui, gcode output also move the object y-20. from my understanding its a bug right?
  3. Hello guys I have an issue with y axis. as you can see in the picture, printer settings, origin at center(0,0)selected. I select the object and changed its coordinate to y:-20 and create the gcode. I checked the output of gcode, Y coordinates in gcode all + also min max also in + side. I believe It should be minus side. why this is happening? could someone explain the behavior? Thank you for the effort to make such great software for free.
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