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  1. I have a very recent Ultimaker S5. I'm not very happy with the results of the prints because there are a lot of horizontal lines on the prints, in the Y-axis. After lot's of prints and different materials and settings, I compared my S5 with another.. conclusion there is a lot of "play" between the print-head and the Y axis bar. Some further examination learned me that the plastic of the print-head is too wide (or the linear bearing is too small, but that is almost impossible). It's also almost impossible that I have the only S5 with this problem.... What's the solution?
  2. I would like to use the "wire print" option in Cura..... I'v tried a lot of settings but I can't get a nice print..... The horizontal line does not touch the top of the triangles most of the time. When I see the machine working it always pushes down the top of the triangles with the print head or the silicone cover... So the question is: Is it possible to do "wire printing" With the S5.. Is yes: What are the settings?
  3. I have the same problem too (cura 4.8, macbook pro Big Sur), full disk acces does not help. When I'v done some manipulations on a model, I can't select it anymore on the build table. When I select it in the list of models it seems selected but when I try to move it par example it gets deselected immediately .
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