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  1. I think I've tried to copy and rename the definition .json file to a new name but I don't recall seeing it in the pick list from within Cura. Another question, when I edit my proifle with catchy names list "A30T_Fine_no_tower" - Draft 0.1mm alway shows up but greyed out in the profile name. How does one get rid of the Draft - 0.1mm from showing up. It's a nitpicky thing but just wondering how to get rid of it.
  2. Making the change tot he A20T file worked but what is odd is this. When I installed 4.9 I did not uninstall 4.8. Wouldn't it have been nice that any settings I had set in 4.8 would have automatically been set in 4.9 after the install? Secondly, I added the GeeeTech A20T from the default printers in the installation and went through the initialization. I then customized the A20T to the appropriate size platform the A30T is and renamed in Cura the printer name to GeeeTech A30T. Wouldn't have been nice to have Cura create a new def file in the definitions folder of my GeeeTech A30T? If I di
  3. Updated from 4.8 to 4.9 and trying to understand printer naming. I have a GeeeTech A30T that I created profiles for in version 4.8. I installed 4.9 and I think I used the GeeeTech A20T as a starting point when going through the installation and adding a printer. I've imported my 4.8 profile and printing seems good so far but I'm trying to get the build plate STL file to show and I'm perplexed. I've renamed my printer to GeeeTech A30T but I don't see that name in any of the resources. How do I find the json file to add the "platform": "geeetech_a30s_platform.stl", to the file so the image
  4. I have a profile for my printer I got from a forum and for the most part I'm pleased with the results. I run PLA only and have printed temperature towers to get the optimal temperature setting for my material. My machine is a 3 extruder - 1 mixing hotend machine. With the multitude of settings when setting up a Cura profile, is there a go to manual / book to reference to really know how each setting impacts the slice and print result? Currently my profile works well but it needs tweaking. I do get stringing and some rough surfaces on vertical surface; some but not all. The st
  5. I guess that's why that classify you as an expert, I'm just a hacker.. Thanks for the advice, I'll have to check that
  6. Ok. I uninstalled all the versions of Cura I have on my laptop. I very carefully added my profiles. What I may have done in the previous installation is NOT set up the extruder temperature for all THREE extruders. This time around I made sure they are all set to the right temperature and I have success.... at least once. :-). I set all the hotbed temperatures to the same value. This is a Geeetech A30T, so it has three extruders (T0, T1, T2) but only one hot end. I still have to set the temperature for all three extruders even though there is only one hot end. That is fine, id
  7. In a three extruder machine the extruders are T0, T1, T2. At least that's my understanding. When I send manual G-codes those are the 'tools' I select to move filametn.
  8. I double checked and sure enough these are all set to 214 so why is this code in my g-code? 1 F1800 X169.622 Y157.177 E33.99899 G0 F7200 X170.264 Y157.254 G1 F1800 X170.775 Y157.764 E34.017 G1 F1200 E18.017 G1 F600 Z6.55 G92 E0 T0 G92 E0 M104 T2 S204 G1 F1200 E15 G1 F600 Z5.55 ;MESH:cutbottom.stl G0 F7200 X289.421 Y279.291 G0 X289.887 Y280.19 ;TYPE:PRIME-TOWER G1 F2100 E16 G1 F3600 X291.8 Y280.002 E16.04795 G1 X293.713 Y280.19 E16.0959 G1 X295.55 Y280.747 E16.14378 G1 X297.24 Y281
  9. I'm somewhat new to multi-extruder 3D printing. I've creating three object and assigned them each unique filament color, then merged them and sliced the object. I have the Material temperature set to 214C for all parameters including the standby temperature, the build plate to 60C. I've double checked the preference profiles and the printer profile to make sure these temperatures are the case. I did a print and noticed the nozzle temperature was being set to 204C, then back to 219C. I reviewed the gcode Cura generated and sure enough, there are these settings in the gcode. Why? What
  10. Ok... Updating the Nvidia driver (NVS 4200m) to the release from November 2020 seemed to have solved the crashing issue of v4.8. Now on to the USB polling issue.
  11. Cura v4.8 crashes on install on two different machines. One is Windows 10 based with an Nvidia graphics accelerator and Intel graphics. Neither graphics engine will allow the program to continue. On a Win7 64 bit machines the same result, that machine just has integrated graphics. Given up on V4.8 moved to the Aarachni engine and that seems to work (alpha version). One thing that's odd is the program constantly polls the USB ports of the machine. I'm into Ham Radio and this version of Cura cause the radio to briefly transmit for about a 1/10th of a second once every three or four seconds
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