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  1. Hey guys, My printer is Raise3D Pro2! I have this Start code that I need to heats up both nozzles in the beginning in order for them to do the switch if needed. How do I achieve that in Cura? Start G-code: G90; use absolute coordinates M83; extruder relative mode M104 S[first_layer_temperature] ; set extruder temp M140 S[first_layer_bed_temperature] ; set bed temp M190 S[first_layer_bed_temperature]; wait for bed temp M109 S[first_layer_temperature]; wait for extruder temp G21 M82 M107; fan off G28 X0 Y0 G28 Z0 G92 E0; reset extruder pos
  2. Hey, Can you send an image of the problem? Who design this Wing? Which 3D software it has been designed with? Do you have the original STEP file? Cheers.
  3. In Ideamaker there is no problem. It's only on Cura.
  4. @GregValiant, I do have the layer counter and I think it's working fine. It's just the time remain that is really off. I have just started a new print, in Cura it says 03:45 and on my printer display is says 04:55 and it keeps changing. I'll try the Plugin, thanks 👍
  5. Hey Guys, I own a Raise3D pro2 printer and I have just changes from Ideamaker to Cura. I noticed that Cura doesn't send the correct print time to the printer. Is there any way to fix this? Thank.
  6. Hey Guys, I have a Raise3d Pro2 printer - I did a print with the Right extruder and when I finished I wanted to do a new print with the Left extruder. But, I noticed that the left extruder won't drop down unless the right extruder heats up as well (which makes sense). The problem is that both extruders don't always heat up at the beginning and I don't understand why? I have to manually go to the Utility screen, heat both extruders, and drop down the one I need. Is it possible make both extruders to heat up at the beginning and then drop the Tempe
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