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  1. Thanks for the help guys, it was the nozzle off just a little bit to the right. Makes sense now. I appreciate the help and insight.
  2. That would explain it then. I didn't replace the nozzle but I did have it off cleaning it up. I bet its not straight. Thanks Greg I will look into that. What is the best way to get it perfect? I did have a heck of a time trying to tighten it back up and get what I thought was straight.
  3. Ok guys, I got a new extruder. I have calibrated my eSteps as well. I think that solves the biggest problem. So, here is the latest print job. I see what is happening here. Where it is now, I can see it lay the line perfect, but when it comes back the other direction it actually messes up the line it just did. So its not over extruding anymore, its just messing up lines it just laid down. See the corner, perfect bed leveling. Seems to be only the middle where the lines bulge. Ideas?
  4. Well as I said things were good, it hit the the second and third layer of my print and I can see it now more then ever on over extruding. So at least I now what is happening now and have things to look at. I can literately watch the filament come out at the end of the line, creating the zit or blob. I have read that some guys get 6 months out of a level after upgrading springs and adding a BLTouch. I got a month max on the first level. lol
  5. Thanks guys, I was hoping it wasn't a limit switch, lol. I have been doing some more research and it tuns out that the "zits" are a common thing and can be caused by the extruder spitting out more filament than needed because of the pressure in the nozzle. This can be fixed by settings in Cura called the Mesh Fixes. Specifically the Max Resolution, Max Travel Resolution and Max Deviation. Setting them down to 0.05 has so far curbed my zit problem, still a little there but nothing like before. It usually can happen on a new layer or on each transition between lines or walls as the speed changes
  6. @GregValiant, I total get what you are talking about. I have sat down, tore everything apart and started fresh to make sure everything is tight. I can't wobble the bed and the z axis is tight and level. I will look at those videos, anything helps. The last two points you made seems exactly what is going on. I turn it on, auto-home, level the bed like 4 times. Print, same result. Turn it off and do it all over again, and the bed will be like way off. As I'm leveling and I just put my hand on the wheel screws I can feel the paper loosen, take my fingers off and the paper is tight again, without
  7. The links seem broke, so copy the text and it will work, the url is wrong but what it shows it correct
  8. Thank you sir, I do use isopropyl alcohol to clean the bed. So on the picture with the white, why does it bump up like that?
  9. So I have had my Ender 3V2 for about two months, printed a lot of stuff without any problems. Now it seems I can hardly print anything now without issues on the first layer. Wonder if anybody can give me a clue what is happening. I level it by paper method, then went to the BLTouch and had nothing but problems. Nozzle would slam into glass bed, nozzle would scar the surface of the bed. So I decided to take it off and start fresh. But seems I can't get the bed level anymore., I do have the update springs and new glass bed. Doing the 4 square test print and the skirt is perfect, sticks pretty go
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