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  1. That’s great advice - thank you. I can easily manage an adjustment to the horizontal surfaces. I will give this a go!
  2. Hi - thanks but the uniformity of the mold mode doesn't allow for the more complex shape of interlocking pieces. I have no trouble designing the mold parts - I'm really just looking for a way to specify which faces of the model to treat as outside.
  3. "Second, is there a setting so that the outline walls are built OUTWARDS instead of INWARDS? I essentially end up with a hollow print where the inside is actually smaller than it's supposed to be, since the slicer set up the walls to go towards the inside. I'd like to have the walls built outwards such that innermost wall should be the correct same size as my model, if any of that makes sense." I'm also looking for the answer to your second question - wondering if you managed to figure this out? Thanks
  4. I'm printing the shell for plaster of paris part mold The final mold will be made up of five parts that need to fit together accurately. The .STL model is exactly the size that the plaster of paris part needs to be. If I print the model as is and then fill it with plaster, it will be inaccurate by the thickness of the printed wall. Is there a way to reverse the inner and outer wall selection so that Cura maps the wall thickness on the outside of the model rather than the inside?
  5. I’m also looking for help on this topic. I need to reverse the printed envelope. The default setting makes the yellow face accurate to the model. I need to make the blue face accurate to the model. In other words the wall thickness needs to sit to the outside rather than the inside of the STL shape.
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