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  1. 1) I am located at Serbia in Europe. I will gladly purchase cable if there is option to buy it here during pandemic crises. 2) I manage to downgrade firmware to 4.3.3 using topics and links I found on this forum. To be clear I manage to make printer do his job with manual level but I am not 100% sure what I did different this time to make it work.
  2. I already noticed that Update messed with my auto level, after that update all havoc started to happened. Because of that I noticed that I do not have connector for capacitive sensor and started to do manual leveling that causes trouble in first place. I learned so much till now. I downgraded software to 4.3.3 and everything starts to work better. I also cannot use auto level ever again because I do not have connectors. Thank you and community as well.
  3. Thank you. I manage to make it start printing processes again. I am not 100% sure what I did different but I assume I manage to do manual leveling fine. I am using PLA and without adhesion sheet I have issues to make first printing lines stuck on bad. You can see on long print issues on top. If you have any suggestions regarding speed or temperature on first layers so filament stuck on bad I will be more then happy to try those settings with my PLA that I have. Also I noticed because filament is not stuck on bad nicely when nozzle is moving over that first
  4. Thank you. I do not want to use auto level as well if I do not need to. When I tried to push little bad downwards to make some room for filament to extrude out it just do not want to go out at all. Like it is stuck in the nozzle, but when I try to change filaments the nozzle do not look stack and it extrudes. First image was cropped from video to show you distance that I created during print so it can extrude filament but it did not do it. Second image is to show what the nozzle done to the paper, that we have on top of bed, after few prints. I
  5. Recently I found that we do not have connector for capacitive sensor. History: 3D printer worked before 2 years and we did not used it since then. When we started printer again it wanted to update software and we do that. After that we could not level bad either with auto level or with manual level. Blaming update I wanted to return to previous version so I used microSD to return to factory settings etc. Still problem persists. Filament does not want go out during print, maybe because bad is to close for print to start etc. Filament go through during cleaning process bu
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