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  1. I'm fairly certain that I've figured out the issue and feeling a bit silly for what I hadn't noticed. This is a model I've been working on through multiple revisions, and previous revisions were printing fine, and I wasn't looking as closely when loading the placing the model in the slicer as I should have. Was loading it in Cura to experiment with settings, look at the predicted travel and printing slices to see if I could figure out what was up. Realize that the entire bottom surface of the model was red, flagged as not actually touching the build plate. L
  2. Since I have managed to get a print that seems to be working kicked off finally, and don't have an image of the issue on the build plate, all I can manage is a shot of some of the trashed pieces from earlier attempts. Basically, I had settings for what looked like good adhesion and height for Z for the support printing, but the actual model wasn't sticking at all. I repeatedly tweaked settings to lower the nozzle, 0.05 mm at a time. The model section of the print began to stick a little but insufficiently(as opposed to just being strings not connected to the build plate at all), at
  3. I've generally been running most of these slices with 1mm retraction, which I thought was a fairly low retraction level, though I could try cutting back more. Better to lower it, or just turn off retraction just in case? I thought I'd run a no z-hop attempt, though I may not have. Either way, I have definitely run with z-hop and z hop on retraction, and there are dozens of those Z-hops during the support/brim phase and the adhesion works fine, and it's very consistent that the problem kicks in immediately when the supports are done. Unless there is something different with the z-h
  4. Encountering some printing issues when slicing with Cura 4.8, uncertain if it is a slicer setting issue or something else. I'm working with a fairly new machine that tends to be a bit finicky with getting the z offset and bed levelling just right, and the model I'm slicing and printing requires a significant amount of supports. Since I'd been having some adhesion issues with support printing, I've been enabling brim for supports as well. After dialing in what I thought was a good bed levelling and z offset, I have wound up with a consistent pattern:
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