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  1. That makes sense. Funny enough I just switched to a Micro-Swiss hotend yesterday before starting the 5 day print and the original hotend was in...rough shape. It seems there was about of cm of bowden tube stuck at the bottom that must have broken off when I removed the tube for a cold pull. So far the print is going well with no issues so I guess I just need to clean it out more often than I was. I also like the design of the Micro-Swiss hotend much better then the original. I didn't realize that the bowden tube literally went all the way down to the threads on the nozzle until I s
  2. I just remembered that I had a extruder skipping issue during the infill of the print before this one. I thought I had solved it. Could occasional skipping cause that much of a discrepancy though?
  3. That confirms my understanding of the calculation. I couldn't find any inconsistencies in the filament diameter or density anywhere. Changing the Esteps/mm had no effect on the calculations. I did another run through the settings and couldn't find anything that would cause it. I'm about to start a 5 day print that's expected to take 868g and I'll see if the error gets worse or stays at 30%.
  4. I just finished a print that had an estimated material usage in Cura (v4.8.0) of 412g but the actual material used is 290g. What would cause this/How do I fix it? I have been 3D printing for a few months now so I'm fairly comfortable with it. My print settings are pretty dialed in and are producing beautiful prints at 0.12mm layer height with PETG. I have also created a custom profile for the Overture PETG that I am using and I feel as though it's spot on. Switching the selected material to the generic PETG increases the estimated material usage to 437g. Custom Material
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