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  1. Thankyou that was great, I tried the first way and it worked. my situation was unique but i adapted it and it worked great. so I have an ender 3 pro and I forgot ironing was enabled and the print finished but the top layer looked terrible. so I tried your fix but just reprinted the last two top layers of the print and deleted the last layer of code which I assumed was the Ironing part. it kept wanting to print in air bc of bl touch so at ;LAYER:81 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER ;MESH:sax hoarder screw base.stl G1 F1500 E96.16446 G1 X48.555 Y162.807 Z0.3 E96.19235 I added the Z0.3 to the fist line of coordinates (made it bold to show the change) and now it treated the top of my print as layer 81. Im sure there are better ways but this was my first attempt at gcode and dont have any programming or computer background. and it worked.
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