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  1. Hi, at last i could find the reason for all my problems: the hot-end cooling fan didnt run fast enough. After years it was worn out, so it didnt cool the cooling rib enough and so the material was too hot above the hot end isolator and stuck there. When i rised the temperature it worked, because then the temperature in the isolator coupler was high enough to melt the material there. Now i changed the fan (the last part after changing feeder, bowden, pt100, mainboard, heater, nozzle, isolator coupler, hot end isolator [some of these multiple times]) and it works! Gr
  2. Hi, thanks for your tips. At last i got the possibility to make some temperature measurements. For this i removed the filament (some left in the nozzle) and the bwodwn tube and then moved a thermocouple at the place of the tube inside the nozzlem into the rest of the PLA. This way i hope i got real temperature values. It shows, that the temperature inside the nozzle is about 5° less than shown on the display. I measured at 200°, 210°, 220°, 230° and the small difference between display and multimeter value was nearly the same. So: the temperature ist obviously not the pro
  3. Hi, thank you for your tip. I looked after the coupler, but its ok (looks like new) and so can't be the problem. Is it possible the PT100 has a temperature resistence to the heat block? So that the measured temperature is less than the temperature at the nozzle? But i can't see any problem at this position. Greets loderunner
  4. Hi, i have a serious problem with our Ultimaker 2+. After moving to a new building it was not possible to print any more - no material came out of the nozzle. After some attempts i solved the first problem - the spring in the feeder was worn out. But the change of the feeder didnt help. After some further examination i found out, that the temperture was too low. I had to change the setting for PLA from 200° to 260° (!) to get some print. I went on with my tries, i changed the PT100 to a new one, so i could lower the temperature to 230..240°. Then i tried a new heater, waht didn't change a
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