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  1. I have an S3 printer. I noted in my recent efforts with rPETg and rPLA from Filamentive that the materials are listed as compatible with S5 and UM3, 3+ but not with S3, (e.g. https://marketplace.ultimaker.com/app/cura/materials/filamentive/Filamentive_PETg_2019). If I understand well this means a "recommended" print profile is available for the S5 but not for the S3 when using these materials. Am I correct? is there a technical reason why this would be the case? Or is this based on a business decision? Does anyone know if there an intent to include recommended settings in future for the S3
  2. Hello all, wondering if anyone else has similar experience and/or solution. I am running a 500g print with a filamentive rPETg on an UM-s3 and approximately every couple of hours the print stops suggesting the spool is empty. In fact the material has become lightly “tangled” on the spool and won’t feed. The material is in the outer position and I have the guide in place. im not sure if this is specific to this spool of material, or the spool type (cardboard) etc. I haven’t experienced this with UM Materials. would welcome thoughts and experience. Thanks
  3. No expert but it might help to print a few parts at once and to slow down the speed. On reading re. Issues with small prints I saw that suggested a few times. I think the logic is to provide sufficient cooling time to the layers.
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