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  1. Heck-I grew up with Big Daddy Garlits and the Rat Fink too! Regarding your screen shot---I played with the color and got about the same thing so I will spare you the image. I guess I am OK then---I thought the cross hatches on the top were symbolizing an Infill layer but I guess it means "Top" layer. I will get to the lab and do another print to see how it goes. Your help was really appreciated! Keep on Truck'n Fritz
  2. Ha`! Mr. Natural Icon? I see the layers in the Gcode as you say. But what am I seeing in the simulation then? Maybe I am misinterpreting the "mesh" looking appearance and this is indeed the top layer? I though there was a colour option to control the appearance but maybe I am thinking of fusion. Thanks! Fritz
  3. I am not sure if this is a Cura problem or one with my drafting software (I am using FUSION). When I do an actual (physical) print I see infill on the top - apparently no top layers are added. I have downloaded the STL crated by Fusion into Cura and when I Preview it the output appears to bear this out (e.g. no top layer). I am attaching the file. I know there are shell parameters and such that control this but I thought if the STL was proper Cura would generate a complete print. Any ideas appreciated thanks Fritz CE5_cubetest v6.3mf
  4. Thanks--that helps Tinkergnome. I deinstalled everything (including the old stuff that Creality installed) and I re-installed Cura from the ultimaker site. Now the menus match what you guys show and also I am able to see my support structures. I will read over the documents and do a few prints with Cura when I get down to the lab. cheers Fritz
  5. Thanks for the comment. The "someone" is apparently the creality3D vendor. Here is what I recall: 1) I loaded the product from their included thumbdrive recently. Naturally I expected it to be out of date. 2) so I chose their "update" option and what you see is what I got. 3) their "about" says this is the latest release. Probably latest from their perspective--if it works on that release of their machine I suppose they don't worry about it. But I don't see why they would not just point us to the Cura site. There are a lot of subtle things for 3D (and CNC) mac
  6. "Support" on the L.H.S of the menu gives actual values for support types as options. so I didn't realize that this alludes to display only. I also didn't realize there were "hidden settings" but since there are, probably a menu system is not very useful. I don't know if there is a command line for this product. The clip that you display does not appear anywhere that I can see in my version of the program .Checking "about" does not show which version of the program is installed. All that said--I get a banner indicating that this version if for "creality 3D". So-I am guessing tha
  7. I had turned on "support" in the preferences. I think the left hand columns is redundant. At any rate it also shows "support" turned on as "touching buildplate".
  8. This is a "generic" problem not applicable to a particular design. I sketched up a simple STL to show an "overhang" --I want to display the supporting structures that were generated. I cannot get them to appear. I assume that 1) I need to turn on the "generate support" feature and I did 2) Need to turn on the display feature. I think I did this as shown in the screenshots Thanks Fritz
  9. I am new to Cura and this is my first post. I have read thru most of the doc and a lot makes sense. However I am trying to add supports to my object and then, trying to display these supports. I have "support" turned on in the preferences via the "defaults". I am playing with "layer view" and " Colour Scheme" and I see "Helpers" turned on but I still cannot see the supports, which I believe should be in light blue. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks Fritz
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