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  1. Hello, Did you try lowering the temp of the PVA so it is less stringy? or increase retraction speed? so the filament does not build up on the nozzle? The truth is the Bowden setup isn't really made for multi-material with TPU. I get sub par results at best. Also make sure the TPU and PVA is dry as humidity will affect the results
  2. I have been tuning the S5 for NylonX using a 100mm calibration box with a wall count of 1and 0 top/bottom layers. I ran a temp test from 245C to 275C and found that the best finish was at around 265-270C. I then ran a speed test at 30mm/s to 60mm/s and found that the best finish was achieved at 45-50mm/s. So the default settings are pretty close. I am printing on glass and found that the best adhesion came at 80C Here's the kicker: on the temp test the specs were as follows: res 0.2mm, line-width 0.6mm, material flow 100% but the line width came out to be 0.93 mm. I then reduced the material flow to 64% to get an actual line width of 0.6 and it worked. I am still doubting my results so please let me know if I am missing something because 64% material flow sounds like a drastic reduction. settings: res 0.2mm line width 0.6mm temp 270C material flow 64% speed 50mm/s bed temp(glass) 80C
  3. I try to avoid tall prime towers for the same reason. I have tried: 1) reorienting the part so the prime tower does not have to be so tall. 2) widening the tower so the base has more strength (maybe 40mm diameter), 3) I always add a brim to the prime tower for better adhesion in the "dual extrusion" settings 3) and finally I would try slowing down "prime tower speed" in the speed settings to 20mm/s or less for both extruders to minimize the lateral force. Best of luck to you!
  4. Some good news. On Friday the S5 auto updated the “stable” firmware to 6.2.1. I also ran a print using Cura 4.8. The print was successful as expected but the deprime sequence worked for both extruders. When I checked the S5 the following day the filaments were both retracted and LEDs in the material station were white. This let me know that the S5 is ready for another print. Haven't seen this in a while. I will run some more tests to see if the workflow is continuous. But this is a good sign.
  5. Hello @SandervG, thanks for checking in. The end of sequence issues I believe started with the rollout of firmware 6.3 and Cura 4.9 before the Transformation Summit in April. I tried rolling back firmware through the network menu on the S5 by changing subscription to "stable" instead of "latest". The S5 successfully reverted to 6.2 but unfortunately this did not fix the issue of extruder #2 skipping the deprime sequence. I was told I need to actually open the S5 and do a firmware recovery by flashing an image with an SD card. This will take time as I need to take apart the Pro Bundle and prepare software as well as interrupt our prototype production. I'm hoping that with the release of 6.4, I may be able to skip all that funny business and reach FFF glory. I will keep you all posted.
  6. I feel all the users' pain. I opened my S5 pro bundle on January of this year and have had issues since day 1. Issue#1) the pre-feeder on channel 2 would not even reach the decoupler. Ended up grinding a lot of filament trying to get it to feed but ended up replacing the whole material station. Issue#2) The decoupler on channel 2 was not calibrated so it would throw an error that it could not load the filament (so many failed prints over this!). Calibrated the decoupler and it was finally able to load the filament all the way to the hot end. Issue #3) Incomplete End of Print sequence. Now that the filament can load and the S5 can successfully print, the issue has to do with the unloading of filament for the next print. At the end of a print, both extruders should deprime and should retract from the hot end a few inches. Extruder 2 gets missed on this end sequence and the filament stays loaded on the hot end. When going to make a new print the S5 will follow the proper toolpath but no filament will be coming out. The work around is to manually unload the filament and reload it to get the S5 to square 1. Issue #4) False positive flow sensor. Throughout this troubleshooting process many prints would get paused due to filament flow error that was a false positive. I finally read up on this issue an decided it was best to turn off the flow sensor since it was only causing more trouble and undue stress to touchy situation. I was told by UM Support that I should regress the firmware and go with Cura 4.8. I haven't had a chance to try reverting back but I will let you know if i have any positive results To recap, most of the issues I believe were brought on by the material handling station itself or the brittleness of PVA. This is reinforced by the fact that if I bypass the material handling station and just go with 2 spools on the back of the S5 , the machine works like a dream. Having to work around these issues makes the workflow difficult and basically undermines the whole point of having a material handling station. Love the S5 but hate the material handling station for now.
  7. If the material is PVA, you may want to try drying the spool on the heated build plate or a food dehydrator first before loading it onto the S3. I ran into the same problem with a brand new spool of PVA. All I can tell you is that PVA is a very difficult material to deal with. Good luck! https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012057799
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