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  1. 14 minutes ago, Labern said:

    I used CURA and a plugin that I made. I will have the plugin somewhere but it will only work with a older version of cura. 

    I think the laser connects to one of the fan connections to give it PWM control so you can adjust the laser power via plugin. 

    Thanks @Labern! I found the video is very enlightening.

    I don't know that CURA is capable of doing laser-engraving..I have the Ultimaker Cura 4.8.0 version installed, and don't know if it is compatible....

    Do you have the link that you can share? Which version Cura you had it for? Many thanks.

  2. 34 minutes ago, GregValiant said:

    A Laser cutter, waterjet, or possibly CNC router software would seem to be the ticket.  There are people who have used Cura for laser work.  There have been questions here asking about what command to use to turn the laser on and off (instead of extruding).  Maybe you can find a forum those kind of folks hang around and ask the question there.  Somebody will know.

    Thanks @GregValiant, @Torgeir, @ahoeben for your suggestions.


    I found a web page to do Ultimaker 1 & 2 Laser Upgrade Implementation



    I found a youtube "Ultimaker 2 Laser Engraving" from @Labern. This is probably what I need.. What program does @Labern use to do laser engraving?



  3. On 3/29/2021 at 5:58 PM, GregValiant said:

    Cura works with solids as represented in an STL or 3mf file.  Within a CAD program you could try to draw a hollow rectangle with a .4 wall (becomes the Cura Line Width) and extrude it .2mm (which would be the Cura Layer Height.  That might result in what you are thinking about.  But you'll have to play with the dimensions because sometimes Cura sems to give me a "what are you wasting my time for" response.

    Thanks @GregValiant for your insight.. I tried a CAD program, and get the outline of a shape.  Then let Cura generate a G-code. Then I copy the part of the codes to do just one layer..So far it is doing the trick..:D

  4. On 3/30/2021 at 2:26 PM, geert_2 said:

    Wouldn't you be better off using a lasercutter or waterjet cutter as base to start from? These are designed to go very slow, so they should have all the basic hardware ready. And they can run 2D DXF-files generated by most CAD-programs, I think.


    3D printer would allow me to control Z, the build-plate height, which is helpful in the electrospinning process. 

    By converting 3D printer into a laser-cutter, I would be able to achieve my goal.

    Basically, my question is to find an appropriate laser-cutting program to work with Ultimaker 2+ printer..

  5. Thank you very much @GregValiant!


    I have learned a bit more about CURA software that is currently installed on my computer.

    IT has one of the G-code flavors called "Ultimaker 2" in its machine setting, (Marlin, RepRap, Griffin are also options, but I suppose I should choose the type that matches my printer).

    IT has a MONITOR tab to allow users to control the printer and send G-code.


    So far, sending G0/G1 is all I have tried to do some basic linear movements, to move x, y, z to a particular position. The slowest step motor speed is 24 mm/min, or 0.4 mm/s (exactly same as you have tested ), which is O.K for me.


    Now comes a question. CURA can save a G-code file, which I find useful. Is it possible to draw a shape and let CURA generate the G-code, then I can use the G-code to move the nozzle to the exact shape? Like the laser cutter, or CNC machine does. Is there a better software that can generate G-code from a shape?




  6. Hi Greg,

    Thank you very much for the reply.

    A higher feed rate, like 24 mm/min is very much acceptable for the moment. It is great to know that I can control the speed..

    I know nothing about Gcode, and open-source software. What software I can use to communicate with the Ultimaker printer and write a Gcode file? Is Marlin firmware capable of doing what you mentioned?

    To allow the X&Y move along a specified pattern, can I draw it, or do I have to write a code for it? If I want to do a line scan ||||||, I guess I can try to write a Gcode. But what if I want to follow a complicated profile, like doing laser cutting,  I would like to draw it..


    Very much appreciated,



  7. I would like to use the Ultimaker printer x/y arms to move the nozzle along a specified pattern (a circle, or linear) at a very slow speed, 1-10 mm per minute. Meanwhile, z position can be set to a specific height.

    Do you know a software that can communicate with Ultimaker 2+, and controls x, y, and z parameters separately? And allow the nozzle to follow a linear pattern at a specified speed?


    Many Thanks


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