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  1. Hi Guys Non idex printer with twin heads - is it possible to set the second extruder as a backup in case the first head blocks/jams/runs out of filament? Many thanks!
  2. Ah, ok. Have previously been using craftware for an idex machine and when you are printing in parallel or mirror mode it effectively splits the bed in half and uses one extruder per side, so was hoping to achieve the same in cura🙂 Thanks again🙏
  3. Thanks so much for the reply, really appreciate it! Out of curiosity whats the logic in locking the extruder/support up? Surely you could print multiple objects faster if it was unlocked. Thanks again!
  4. I'm trying to get a printer with two extruders to print separate objects but cura always wants to assign one of the heads to do all the supports. Print settings - Support - Generate support (ticked) - Support extruder etc is then locked to one nominated extruder Is there any way to unlock it? Thanks🙏
  5. Hi again again - you can't beat talking to yourself!😁 So think I'm going to have a bash at this... In machine settings put the printer settings in. Start G code is now G28 X Y ; home horizontally G28 Z ; home vertically And end code is G91 G0 E-1 F2400 ; retract 1mm G0 Z5 F2400 ; lift Z 5mm G90 G28 X Y ; home horizontally G0 Y250 Think I may need to add M425 S1; Wiper Strip enabled to the header code. If anyone wants to comment I'd be grateful! Upd
  6. Hi again. I guess I could rephrase the question and ask what information I need to put into cura and can I get it by reading the g code from a craftbot print? Thanks again.
  7. Hi all🙂 Please be gentle, quite new to all this, but was hoping someone could help with setting up cura for a craftbot idex xl Any help greatly appreciated!
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