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  1. actually would that bottom layer even print, maily i dont want the hexagons to connect, becuase i dont remember that being there in my other prints
  2. just 1 more thing how can i change the settings so this thing isnt at the bottom of my build. (the circle at the floor of the build
  3. thanks i think i have done it all and ready to print thanks for the help (both of you)
  4. hexagon test rings.stlsorry i forgot to add the flooring to that this is my final file, it still does the same thing though (closing the sphere)
  5. hexagon test rings.stl once again i have a problem. i put the second part onto my design and it seems to close 2 of the spheres near the last few layers how can i stop this i just want 2 spheres in the middle
  6. sorry this is only the stl i cant but the .blend file in. if there is any you want me to export it as tell me hexagon test rings.stl
  7. i am using blender but where do i use the file options
  8. so im pretty new to 3d printing and ive made this row of circles (in shapes of hexagons) in blender, when i put it into cura it closes the circles close to the to when it finishes. i want the entire thing exactly as it looks like on the prepare tab picture i included (hole from one end to the other). also when i try to put in 1 hexagon at a time it still fills in the inner space, couldnt find anything online to fix this. please dont use any big technical words im new to this world.
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