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  1. So, While I was waiting, I thought I'd open the same file in PrusaSlicer (SuperSlicer). It sliced it okay (I really don't know PrusaSlicer at all) But it says "Manifold: Auto Repaired (192 errors) So, I'm guessing I chose a bad Vase model to start with.
  2. Hello! The model is on thingiverse here (STL attached) The Author had a special version for 1mm nozzles. I've since tried 2 things. Turned off Spiralize, And was told to turn on PRINT THIN WALLS under SHELL. Still looks crappy. I wanted to print those beautiful Spiral vases with transparent filament with the Thick layer lines. I'm surer you've seen that. sotvl_thick_1mm.stl
  3. Greetings! I'm on an Ender 3, PETG (240/70) Latest Cura. I just got a 1mm nozzle to try,. I am trying to print a vase in Spiral, and am get this (see pic) I could use some advice on setting up the 1mm nozzle settings. Thanks.
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