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  1. So, to conclude this topic, I improved the merging by adding a new part at the exact place where the walls are. It makes things look realy ugly in CATIA but when I export the whole thing in stl and open it with Cura I have no issue anymore. It works fine ^^ Here's a picture of the new preview : Thanks for your help !
  2. Alright I will try to change thinks in CATIA in order to improve the merging... Thanks for your answers, Youn
  3. Thanks for your answer @gr5. The CAD I use is CATIA, I fist created the cylinder and then added the teeth but they are all merged together, there is no space between. I will try to create the gear in a different way to see if there is a difference... So you think that Cura can know how things were made even after having all merged and exported into an STL file ? Thanks I'll have a look into meshlab and meshmixer to see if it can fix this.
  4. Hello everyone, With Cura, do you know if it is possible to change the nozzle route that is automatically generated ? I am printing gears and I would like them to have more mechanical resistance, specifically between the teeth and the main body. By default, for each layer, the teeth are printed first and then the body (the cylinder part of the gear). Here's a picture of the preview : We can see that the teeth are printed separately and it make the thing more breakable. What I would like is to print them as one and unique body. I mean that I would
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