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  1. Sto segnalando un registro degli arresti anomali che si verifica quando seziono una stampa di grandi dimensioni e complessa (circa 18 x 10 x 10 cm) con definizione 0,12 e montature ad albero. the program is blocked when the print preview is generated Spero possa essere d'aiuto per capire il problema Dati inviati modulo segnalazione bug AMD 20210531T112825.zip
  2. I noticed that the "spiral mode" function does not work as it should ... In the print preview I see 2 perimeters ... Am I wrong something or a bug?
  3. Hello , No I don't know if it has already been proposed or it is possible to implement such a function but I ask: Is it possible to make the print bed begin to cool slowly by itself after the print has reached a predetermined percentage of work so that at the end of the job it is easier to detach the piece from the print bed?
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