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  1. I've never printed TPU but I'd think a low tension would be better. It's pretty flexible and you definitely don't want it getting bound in the feeder gears. Maybe take your gear cover off to see what's going on? Make sure that your remove as much tension in the spring as you can beforehand.
  2. I have finished the firmware recovery to no avail, the printer still shows a 0 print time while in start up and immediately finishes. I'll give the S5 with no material station or air manager an attempt to see what it does. This printer IS under warranty, so that could be the real solution here.
  3. Yes, I have TPU and PVA loaded. I spoke to Ultimaker support and they recommend me doing a firmware recovery, so I will update this thread after that is done. I appreciate the help so far!
  4. I have found the "model.gcode" file in the 3D folder of the extraction, and it's size is approximately 6 kb. I'll post it here, but what I find odd is that all of my parts are doing this, whether I have printed them before or not. I have also attached the ufp for the furnace gasket for reference. model.gcode UMS5_FurnaceGasket2.ufp
  5. I printed through direct network. I'll try it out with a USB and see how it goes. In the meantime, I have reset my printer to factory and that also did not work.
  6. My company semi-recently bought an Ultimaker S5 pro-bundle. We had planned on using it mostly for fixtures, and have since printed some rudimentary parts with success. We have taken on the assignment of 3D printing a furnace gasket. We bought some TPC to prototype the parts, yet when I went to print it, the print time registered 0 on the printer. I thought this was odd, but just let the printer go and obviously it did not print anything. When I looked back at my Cura (4.8) slice, it said 8 hours and 45 minutes. Does anyone have previous experience with an issue like this? I am stil
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