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  1. Lately, when I print, about 1 in 3 prints fails before it starts. I get the error: "nozzle offset probe failed please check the nozzles and bed and try again.". Once this occurs, it will fail with the same error every time. I've tried: -Turning the printer off and on. -Update Cura. -Update the Firmware. -Grease and Lube. Calibrated the B nozzle lift arm. -Cleaned the plate. -Manual leveling (works, for another print or two). -Lower the plate, closer to it's bracket. I've tried this proposed fix: Manual leveling seems to be the only thing that pushes me through this, and gets "the next" print working, but it will inevitably fail again in just a couple of prints, back to square one. I've thought of disabling active leveling altogether. I see that you can not do this on an S5, I'm not sure about my 3Extended. I don't really use the second print head, I wish I could take that out of the equation. Any advice, appreciated.
  2. My silocone nozzle covers have started to come apart so I've ordered more, and am now trying to install them. I have an Ultimaker 3 Extended. But the metal bracket that the silocone is to be installed in on my device differs from the one in the pictures. Mine has two "Rounded Ice cream cone" shaped holes, whereas the shape in the pictures, and the shape of my new silicone nozzle covers... is just a pair of squares. The new ones are a fairly different shape, compared to the new ones I bought. The old ones had "wings" on the side and a "slot protrustion" in the center. The new ones, dont have either of those. So perhaps I bought the wrong one? But it looks right from the images online. Note... The whole extruder/fan assembly I have currently is not the original. The original failed catstrophically, and I have a replacement. I assumed it's the exact same one, and has been working fine... but perhaps I have one that differs from the OG assembly. Any recommends for me to resolve this? Get different silicone nozzle covers? Replace the metal brackets that they attach to? Where would I find the appropriate Mix n Match part that gets this done?
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