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  1. Thanks Nallath, appreciate the response. I didn't realize that going to Settings > Printers > Manage Printers took you to the view settings as opposed to the printer settings. Found the actual printer settings and where to turn supports back on in this version.
  2. That's the project file from the image above. CE3_head1.3mf
  3. Hello, I just started printing again, so I loaded the latest version of Cura on my PC (4.8.0) and created a couple of calibration cube gcode files with it to make sure my printer (Ender-3) was still functional. Everything printed fine, so I started preparing to move onto some more complex models. I started slicing a model that I know will need support, but when I checked in the preview it was showing nothing there. I went through the settings and was able to get it to start generating support for the first few models. I work in tech support for a living, s
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