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  1. I should add 2 things: 1. So far Cura doesn't do this with other parts. It is only freaking out with this project file. 2. If I save the .gcode file before preview and print it, it's printing fine on the printer. So the slicing was successful. What isn't successful is previewing that slicing.
  2. Just got a CR10S Pro. Pulled in about 6 parts that I don't believe should be taxing the slicer. I'm using standard extrusion settings (.2mm layer thickness), and a 3D-Fuel Pro PLA filament profile that is the same as PLA except for the bed and extrusion temps. Seems to slice fine. I also added a brim with its standard settings. But when I go to preview, Cura either hangs, or it literally displays strange disorganized graphics on the machine that are reminiscent of a 1990's video card freeze / hangup. I am running the absolute latest Mac OS on the latest M-chip Mac Mini. Cura 4.8.0 seems to hav
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