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  1. But the artifacts are not at triangles intersections. I think ill find time to file the bug with all the info. Maybe other luckers, who also have it, could add something to it. And so we find how to reproduce it. It's definitely a Cura problem, since it doesn't happen with 4.7 Only 4.8 and upwards.
  2. It doesn't happen on smaller ones. Even if i scale that model down, it stops happening.
  3. I found that 4.7.1 doesn't have it. 4.8 and 4.9 do. Maybe i should file a bug, but without an easy way to reproduce it, it's gonna be futile.
  4. Note how the BC line isn't even derived from the original stl, as it is obvious from the wireframe. QED. It has nothing to do with rounding.
  5. Only? Dude the dimensions in the STL are in mm. So the 0.1mm is waay too huge to be a rounding error.
  6. Yeah but if it works on the other machine, how does it prove the point that this is exactly the rounding issue, rather then something else? Btw i don't believe its the rounding. It's waay too off
  7. And how to check this theory? The fact that it slices well on another machine doesn't mean that the problem is exactly in this.
  8. Did you mean plane? Plane intersects triangles and gets 2 segments, which don't have a common point? If you already take tolerances into account, when comparing floats, i don't believe the rounding errors alone are going to be huge enough to cause problems. I did it differently, when i wrote a foam cutter software very long ago. As far as i remember, I had a soup of tri edges, and a way to map an edge to a tri. So a slice in my case was list of edges. And I went from a first one, through the triangles it belongs to, to the next. It was working fine, though I didn't have
  9. Ok. I have downloaded the fresh appimage, created a new profile, not derived from Ender 3, to be able to use full printing area. Result is still the same. Is there some sort of log Cura writes which i can check?
  10. It's just for some weird reason Cura started to include "disallowed area" into ender 3 profile. I had to remove them. That's really strange.
  11. Dude it's clearly has nothing to do with the video. Since it's in the .gcode file. It's slicing issue. Ok that explains the inferences. The only weird thing about it, is why this bug feature is not reproducible with another Cura of the same version? Did you try to slice it? Did it produce the same result as for me? Linux x64, it is.
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