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  1. Many thanks for that comprehensive advice. Much to study!
  2. Thanks both, understood. I do have some bought packs (Amazon UK). But this (a one-off replacement for a plug), is not included in any of my mixed packs. And my motivation anyway was largely a learning exercise: about screw/bolt threads and also the more general topic of how best to place a part of this sort. But I'm sold. I'll forget the print project and rummage through my junk box tomorrow, although I rather doubt I'll find one so small in diameter that's at least 17 mm long 😉 Terry
  3. As a novice, this is my attempt at an M3 bolt (approx 3mm diameter, 17 mm total length). Printing it vertically gave a just about acceptable result, but I read that it would be significantly stronger if horizontal. Obviously it's impossible to have all of it on the bed, so could I get suggestions on the best approach please? For instance, should it be at an angle, with just two points touching the bed, as in my screenshot? Or exactly horizontal, supported by the 2 mm deep head, plus Cura support of constant height under the thread? Or something e
  4. Need help on resolving this serious problem please. Spent most of yesterday and five hours today trying. Meanwhile cannot open any STL from File Explorer by any means, except opening Cura first and dragging the file into it. Did not have this issue with 4.9.0 In case it helps here is my log file: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/e9rhfzafqn6o8k6/AAA5kMik4Nf4bAE39jDun3hFa?raw=1
  5. Despite having set the defaults correctly, I cannot get it to work. From File Explorer, d-clicking does not open Cura. Same for both 4.90 and 4.91. And using 'Open With...' does not create an entry for Cura. Looks like a Win 10 issue, but so far Cura is the only application that's suffering. I'm not a programmer but it seems that Win 10 is still trying (but failing) to open Cura 4.8.0, based on running SysInternals Procmon tool. I started Procmon running then quickly d-clicked an STL, waited a few seconds (with no Cura opening), then stopped Procmon and filtered the 256
  6. Thanks for the prompt reply Greg, much appreciate it. I’m away from my PC right now, so perhaps it will become clearer when I get back. But how can a single number define the relative movement on the X Y plane? Or is it say the calculated distance, i.e. sqrt(x^2 + y^2)? Or even something like the length of the route traveled, twists and turns included? (Like a straightened piece of string on a paper map before computers came along). Or none of the above? Also I’m a bit baffled about the units. I tried dragging the mouse cursor as close to horizontal as I could, for 10 of
  7. My model is shown as having dimensions 31.68 x 18.3 x 5.0 mm. I use Centre Selected then the Move tool. A small black rectangle with white text displays a changing number in units of mm. Could someone advise me how to interpret it please? Both while moving and with 'Lock Model' enabled. Terry
  8. Thank you. I think I grasp what you mean. Essentially that the walls are fixed so prevent any thickening of the walls, yes? But why then does Cura appear to offer the option at all?
  9. Without finding and editing the original SCAD file I want to change the wall thickness (i.e. the thickness of each of the four sides) from its original 0.8mm to 3mm. (To keep it simple I've used 3.2mm.) However, after overriding the profile by making this change, why do I not see any difference in the display of the walls?
  10. Time for me to eat dirt - the problem was down entirely to me, sorry! The explanation was that for this project, after slicing, I had taken advantage of the handy Cura feature that allowed me to save directly to the SD card (in its USB stick). I didn't notice that this does not let me specify a new name. For all my previous projects I had saved the gcode to my project folder on the PC, with my choice of filename. I then copied that to the SD card before inserting in the printer. I'll revert to that method from now on! The speed and automatic reject of the other method i
  11. Thanks both. Out for most of today but I’ll carefully study those points when I get back to the PC. Not aware of doing anything special with the SD card. And never used the direct USB PC connection to printer.
  12. Not sure I fully understand. The LCD showed the first 20 chars of the name ‘boite 10cmx10cmx3cm p1’, which was not the name of the gcode file on the SD card,
  13. Thanks, understood. I’ll try Mesh Tools.
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