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  1. okai, after 2 attempts I will not install Kipper on my Chitu3DV6 tonight.. but thank you all! 😄 sometimes I wondered why I bought a RSP 3 B+ just for a WebInterface and why my ordered board will not be shipped now I found PandaPi (again) https://www.pandapi3d.com/product-page/pandapi-2-8 and ordered so I'll give an update about the future of my chinese printer within 2-3 weeks 🐔
  2. yess, that's the point 😔 I'm dreaming of an analog computer since over 25 years looks nice on the first view first little test-cylinder got printed without explosions or a burning printer the gcode-file of my model comes down from over 200MB to almost 70MB (6,607,713 lines to 2,048,472) I'll have a look at the acr-settings in my marlin and will do a ~20h testprint I'll check if there is any way to get it done with one click like SolidWorks-Plugin does - just i high-quality here you see the diffrent resolutions: right is 'coarse' - 0,05788cm
  3. i thought my coreXY does beautiful roundings.. ..and now I see none of my gcode-files contain a G2 or G3 command 😞
  4. hi there I'm using SolidWorks since years and got a 3D-Printer some weeks ago may I'm wrong but to me STL look like a bitmap-stack without knowing that curves exist I don't know if Cura (internal) knows about curves and roundings but my printer does and my SolidWorks also! sure I use the SolidWorks-Plugin but in background this also just creates an STL and not in best quality (event I didn't got it done with absolute minimum tolerance-settings) if I export the STL from SolidWorks with minumun tolerace-settings it looks round in Cura (but i know it is not and my STL grows to 250
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