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  1. Thanks for your recommendations. I already took apart the entire print head and put it back together twice. So I do not think it is the cable connector. And I do hear some click if I put in the clear plastic parts, but I am not sure if it is as loud als it should be. But I do not see anything in the way there..
  2. Both cores of my ultimaker 3 are no longer recognized. If I put a core in its slot, the message keeps reading "empty slot". When I press with some force on either of those cores, pushing them towards the pcb in the print head, they do temporarily connect. So there must be some kind of gap between these cores and the pcb. However, the pcb is locked in place. At the bottom its "extension" is in the hole meant for this extension. At the top is is screwed to the back of the print head, as it should be. So assuming my pcb is in the correct place, what can I do about this?
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