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  1. Have you tried starting Cura with administrative rights? That is: Right click on Cura executable, and select run as Administrator. I suspect CURA doesn't have sufficient rights to use the Serial drivers which obviously work with other applications you are running. Also, Richg click Properties, select Security tab, and make sure "System" User group has all rights checked. You can also create a security group, introduce your current user, and assign it to both COM driver and CURA software. That one is a bit more involved.
  2. Indeed gr5, at times, Windows can slap a super high port number. However, there is a workaround to that as well. I am posting this in hopes that other users do not get discouraged about printing over USB. I personally believe that is a necessary feature to have, especially when you try to tweak your print settings in order to save some good print profiles in Cura. I like that Cura allows you to save profiles, and that it has soo many print options. However, for those users that do not want to bother themselves with a raspberry pi attached to the 3D printer, USB is a way to go when
  3. Hello There 3D people! :) I stumbled over this thread in an extensive effort to find how to print over USB on my original Creality Ender3 from Ultimaker Cura 4.8.0. I had Ultimaker Cura 4.8.0 installed as the sole slicer software and couldn't print via USB by default so I ended up performing a few steps which ultimately allowed me to usb print SUCCESSFULLY! I needed to print via USB because I needed to tweak the PETG settings before printing parts, and running around with a SD card was taking too much time. Finding how to print via USB took too much time as well bt
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