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  1. I don't dispute that. Even so, I think that offering a profile for a material without including diameter in its basic description is confusing for anyone, particularly when that characteristic determines whether the profile is compatible for various printers. That's true particularly for a material such as Ninjatek Armadillo, which is available in both diameters. You can only streamline the process so far without leaving too many caveats, especially when you invite potential customers to participate.
  2. I can't understand why the Marketplace would list 3.0 mm filament if it wasn't specified in the search. It doesn't seem logical to me not to make that distinction for the available filaments. It also seems obvious to me that most of the same filaments are available in a 1.75 variety, or the question wouldn't have been asked in the first place. And I would assume 3.0 is not that common for a cross section of the target market. Of course, I'm not selling printers or filament.
  3. What if you go to Settings menu (in Cura)>Extruder X>Material>Ultimaker>TPU 95A? You have a choice of 4 colors, right? Did you look at How to print with Ultimaker TPU 95A?
  4. I'm not grasping the method for storing preset settings in Cura. I thought I had made a duplicate of a material preset with my own modifications, but the only changes retained for the duplicate material were its name and brand. For example, I would like to save a speed setting with a material rather than with a profile. Is that possible? If not, what's a workaround? Make many profiles and describe what material presets have been used with each? Vise versa?
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