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  1. Issue found, the material had come off the spool tied a knot and then was still moving in the tube until the point the material had worn thin.
  2. Hi all, Firstly thanks for helping, my printer has just stopped work mid print. I've just completed 4 days of back to back prints and it's stopped on the last part. The material is PETG. I've tried heating the nozzle up and moving the filament but nothing will extrude. The extruder had a large lump on it when it failed mid print. I've removed this carefully. Thanks for any thoughts on why it's still not printing! James
  3. Hey my print seems to have really gone wrong (15 hours in!) Can anyone take a peek at the attached and give me any hints or tips as to why? Thanks, James
  4. Yes got the fan lowered and it's worked a treat thank you.
  5. Will do next print, it's 95% sorted with just the temperature change and the bubble wrap "door". Some minor lifting but very little comparatively. Thanks for your help. James
  6. Thanks ever so, will take a watch now. The part is a case for a 5G Router for a maritime system. The Tabs are my added "Brim" as I've got to use the whole print bed basically. I've covered the door and sent the temp up, cheers for the tips!
  7. Hi All, Thanks for reading and helping, have a few nightmares with a 3D printer I bought secondhand. There's a few issues, There's a slight clicking noise, The ABS prints are warping There's a Ghosting on the first layer Any clues would be really appreciated. James
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