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  1. @fbrc8-erin thank you very much! I will also tell my reseller this, as presumably they are not aware of this. I am looking forward to the exact explanation from @Szahari if he/she would be willing to explain.
  2. These replies help me alot!! Thank you very much @gr5 and @fbrc8-erin I indeed have the GST power supply. I wanted to experiment with lower bed temperatures for a specific type of PLA. I try the workaround and will also ask my seller for a new power supply, because the printer is 1 month old.
  3. Hi! i have a brand new Ultimaker 2+ Connect and whenever I set the bed temperature below 60 degrees celsius and start a print, the preheating process starts and after a few seconds the printer shuts down and reboots. So, basically I cant set the heatbed to temperatures lower than 60 degrees celsius 😞 Above 60 degrees no problems at all. Anyone recognizes this problem and might know what to do? Thanks in advance!
  4. I just bought a new Ultimaker 2+ Connect and I noticed that I hear a clear sand grinding noise when the bed is going up (either manually or automatically). What could this be and how can I fix this? Everything is lubricated correctly. Thanks for the help!
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