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  1. So I have an idea! I unzipped the project files and saw the same thing you did. I realize now that there are two different ways to save 3MF files in Cura and I imagine patrons are doing the first: After you hit slice, the big blue button says "Save to File". You can click this and then click "3MF" After you hit slice, you go to "File", "Save Project" and it defaults to the only option, 3MF. These two 3MF files are not the same! The 3MF file saved in Cura in option 1 does not have all the info whereas the 3MF file saved with option 2 does. This is prett
  2. I will give some of these a try and report back - thank you!
  3. Hi! I work in a public library and manage 4 3D printers (two 3s and two S3s) which we use to print patron submissions. Patrons are instructed to download Cura, choose settings, and save and submit as 3MF files. Library computers run on Windows 10. In the past, this sometimes worked and sometimes didn't - some patron files would open with all their chosen settings and some wouldn't. Since getting the S3's and updating to 4.8, no files have opened with settings. Attached are some example files patrons have submitted - none have loaded with their settings and I have tried both prefere
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