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  1. Torgeir, Thanks for the analysis and suggestions. I now have a process that works so I can be sure the next items produced print properly. Fusion360 update might happen next time I start it up - will verify that it is latest. GregValiant suggest alternate slicers - will experiment with them soon. Cheers!
  2. GregValiant - thanks for the notes on netfabb. Torgeir - enclosed is a zip of the Fusion360 archive file. Let me know if / what you discover that might be causing the problem. Thanks to everyone for the support!! LegBracket1 v20 v3.zip
  3. TO GregValiant, Sorry this is my first instance trying to debug 3D issues... What tool did you use to see the missing parts of the obj file?
  4. Torgeir, Thanks to you and GregValiant for the responses. The forum does not appear to accept the .f3d standard Fusion360 file format. Is there another mechanism I can use to get the Fusion360 file to you?
  5. Have been printing some basic objects for a new project without any issues. Now have an object that is basically a plate with a angled cylinder. Printing consistently causes a portion of the top of the cylinder to be fractured such that it readily breaks off or is only attached with a few threads of material. Photo shows the crescent shaped piece at the left of the top of the cylinder as the odd bit that gets cut off. The intent is that the cylinder is intact to the top. Model is created in Autodesk Fusion360 and exported as .OBJ file for use in driving Ultimaker S3 printer - also
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