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  1. I should say don't forget to delete before slicing. But there is a little hammer and wrench icon that will show up next to the slice button telling you there are Post Processing Scripts active that will be added.
  2. I just learned how to do this. In Cura up on the menu click Extensions, Post-Processing, Modify G-code. Add a ChangeAtZ script. Specify Trigger for which layer in the slice you want to change temp. Check Change Extruder 1 Temp and type what temp you want. Always add them highest temp at the bottom then lower the temp going up. Then when you slice it again this is added in the gcode. Don't forget to delete them before you print something else. I just did one with Hatchbox PLA from 220 to 180.
  3. Thank you for this. I installed RawMouse and could not get used to piloting around the object with the inverted controls I can move the object like it's in my hands as I usually do with other CAD software.
  4. I also wound up smack in the middle of a 5 year old original post. Playing off the last comment, I could not change default in the default apps system settings by file type page. There was no option for Cura shown or any choose another app there. However I was able to change it by right clicking an stl file and selecting Open with -> Choose another app, More apps, Look for another app on this pc, Select Ultimaker Cura folder and then choose Cura.exe and click Open. Make sure to check mark Always use this app to open .stl files. Now it appears as default app and an option to pick in the Defa
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