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  1. Hi there, So in my first reply, I had not seen what you all were describing, but I fixed it as I wanted to show in the last photo. 🙂 Now the other two photos, turning off lines did nothing. I loaded the High Resolution Thanos (Infinity War Version) from Thingieverse and the display went haywire, no matter what I had selected under colour scheme menu, and even when I had nothing selected in that drop down. No matter what I do, the entire display goes haywire. I was hoping it was the same issue I had experienced with my colour scheme blue lines, but it would seem that it is not? I suppose
  2. Your advice about the travellers and helpers did make a difference on the castle model, though. Thanks! 🙂
  3. Of note: That last image of Thanos is in the prepare tab. I went to the Preview tab and turned everything off and got this. Maybe it helps?
  4. Here is an example of a high resolution model in Cura. Having watched a number of Cura how-to videos, I came across one that used this mode, and which came in without issue and displayed correctly. This is the high resolution Thanos model from Thingiverse on my machine, just loaded and no changes to anything like rotation position or scale or slicing. As to the blue lines being all over the place in Cura, I had a friend load this layout and the models were clear of everything. I asked them to make sure our settings were the same, and we went through them to make sure. Perfectly clear of any
  5. Hello everyone, New Cura user and this is also my first-time posting. I was curious about the behaviour if Cura on my Mac running High Sierra. I attempted to search the forums and only found one or two posts on this forum related to Cura running slow on High Sierra, which is not what I am experiencing. Cura (latest version as of this post) runs quite fast -and very smoothly- but my slicing preview has become distorted. The first few times I ran Cura, there were no issues and everything was clear and concise (and actually pretty if I may say so), and I even had access to
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