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  1. Exactly! I have been printing a lot of stuff. You really get some 3D printing fever after getting it to work the first time! It's awesome. This is a machine bought by the school I work on, and now it's time to buy my own!
  2. I found out that the machine I have is a "cookie cutter" machine. The same machine is sold with a lot of different brands on it, so I was able to find a YouTube video with some G-code that solved the problem. I also updated the dimenssions of the machine, even though I measured them myself. If anyone has the same type of machine as me, even though it's a different brand, you can use this tutorial. After these settings, it printed perfectly. Thanks though, Greg! It probably was something with the dimensions of the machine. Because the Gcode I used in t
  3. Hi everyone! I'm completely new to the world of 3D printing, and I have come so far as to try and print my first 3D print. I am trying to print the famous calibration cube, but in the start of every print, my printer nozzle moves to the opposite corner (of the homepoint) and tries to move "out of bounds". I will include a video in this topic. - I have set size settings correctly (that I know of) and I really don't know what this can be. I even checked the starting G-code to see if that was the flaw, but no luck there either. I am using Ultimaker Cura as my slicer
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